Wooden Leg 25th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue!

The original 1996 album available for the first time on all major digital media platforms, along with 5 Bonus Tracks from the previously unreleased 1998 Wooden Leg Fort Apache Sessions.

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July 23: Wooden Leg live album release show

at the Narrows Center for the Arts

Livestream from March 26 at Narrows Center for the Arts

Not only is Wooden Leg back on stage, but they're back in the studio. Here's a sneak peak at a recent tracking session for a new song, "Dream," recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound (engineered by Dave Westner, with video by Christopher Gleason)

Mark Spencer (Son Volt, Laura Cantrell, Blood Oranges) shares a story about the recording of Jimmy Ryan's 1996 album WOODEN LEG. THE ORIGINAL 1996 ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME ON ALL MAJOR DIGITAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, ALONG WITH 5 BONUS TRACKS FROM THE PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 1998 WOODEN LEG FORT APACHE SESSIONS.  Or get it direct from Jimmy Ryan.

2019 live album from Wooden Leg!   

Turn Back the World

Wooden Leg

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MP3 format

Recorded Live in Boston, Mass

Mickey Bones - Drums; Brian Dunton Fender Bass; Joe Kessler - Fiddle & some harmonies; Duke Levine - Electric Guitar; Jimmy Ryan - Mandolin and Vocals.

Recorded by Michael Green; Mixed by David Westner; Mastered by Joe Lambert

Thanks to the Dunton Boys for their good advice!

Cover Image by Donna Sartanowicz; Layout and Design by Chris Gleason and Bruce Bartone.

All Songs Written by Jimmy Ryan (Sanguine Citrus/BMI) Except “Turn Back the World by Ryan/ Sartanowicz; “Champaign” by Ryan/Spencer; “Relax Your Mind” by Huddie Ledbetter (Folkways Music Publishing); “Mind Your Own Business” by Hank Williams (Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music), & “Little Maggie” (traditional).

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