Turn Back the World

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Recorded Live in Boston, Mass

Mickey Bones - Drums; Brian Dunton Fender Bass; Joe Kessler - Fiddle & some harmonies; Duke Levine - Electric Guitar; Jimmy Ryan - Mandolin and Vocals.

Recorded by Michael Green; Mixed by David Westner; Mastered by Joe Lambert

Thanks to the Dunton Boys for their good advice!

Cover Image by Donna Sartanowicz; Layout and Design by Chris Gleason and Bruce Bartone.

All Songs Written by Jimmy Ryan (Sanguine Citrus/BMI) Except “Turn Back the World by Ryan/ Sartanowicz; “Champaign” by Ryan/Spencer; “Relax Your Mind” by Huddie Ledbetter (Folkways Music Publishing); “Mind Your Own Business” by Hank Williams (Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music), & “Little Maggie” (traditional).

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